Not Just Jobs, But Careers

Our Members’ Employment Contributions

“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.”

-Jim Goodnight, CEO, SASS

The New York State Beer Wholesalers Association is comprised of nearly all family-owned and operated companies. For generations, these family businesses have committed to investing in New York State and handing down the business to their sons and daughters so they may continue to grow and thrive while always maintaining family values: respect, honesty and hard work.

Our members provide an enjoyable, safe, respectful and engaging work environment. From our largest to our smallest member, the owner is seen walking the hallways and the warehouse. Owners take the time to have a physical presence and are accessible. 

Family values run deep in our member companies and that’s why employees stay. They are respected, appreciated and provided with solid wage earning and benefit-providing employment. Employees are known by name. 

Our member companies do not just provide jobs, but they provide careers, as well. More often than not, promotions are from within, allowing for both professional and personal growth. From the warehouse to the executive level, beer distributor employees are content and remain with their employer for decades, something that is not common in today’s day and age. There are many instances of an individual starting out in the warehouse or driving a truck and being promoted until they are eventually not only a manager but a senior vice president.    

Employees are appreciated and viewed as team members. When the recession hit, our members did not downsize nor did they scale back benefits. As part of their commitment to their employees they continued to provide medical and retirement benefits.

See for yourself how our beer employees are valued.  

  • Our membership employs over 6,000 New Yorkers
  • This commitment to employing New York residents ensures that the salaries they earn are reinvested in our state
  • The average wage is $42,700
  • The total payroll of our members is $321 million
  • The total money devoted to benefits packages (profit sharing/medical) is over $66 million
  • Nearly $6 million has been contributed to 401Ks
  • All of our beer distributors are firmly committed to making New York State a place people want to live and work