Responsible Corporate Citizens

Our Members’ Economic Contributions

Distributors are responsible and active corporate citizens. Our member companies are vital as employers and as tax resources, adding to property and school tax bases across the state.

Here is a snapshot of our membership’s Economic Impact in New York State: 

Excise Tax Paid: $49 million

By definition, excise tax is an indirect tax charged on the sale of a particular good. Excise tax is not paid directly by the consumer but instead remains “hidden” in the price of a product, rather than being listed separately, like sales tax. A study by Global Insight / Parthenon Group in 2005 showed that if all the taxes associated with the production, distribution and retailing of beer were to be summed, the total would be more than 40% of the retail price.

School Tax Paid: $2.3 million

Children are our future and investing in their education is critical. New York State spends approximately $19,552 per student. Our member companies pay their fair share of school tax and contribute towards providing New York’s children a quality education.

Property Tax Paid:  $3.2 million

Contributing to a community’s vitality and basic needs is important to our members. Many of our companies have been part of their community for five generations.

Our members know their fellow businesses, police and fire departments and civic organizations and it’s important that the village, town or city they do business in and reside within be a place people want to live.

State and Federal Income Taxes: $200 million

Being good corporate citizens, our members pay their fair share of state and federal taxes.

New York State Beer Sold: 19 million in cases

As New York businesses our members not only invest in New York communities but in fellow New York businesses. We are proud to be partnered with craft breweries across the state and assisting this segment getting to market and growing their market base.