Safeguarding Consumers
Traceability of every single bottle and can sold

Safety Standards & Regulations

Alcohol is a highly-regulated industry. From brewer to distributor to retailer, there is a transparent process with built-in checks and balances by which product gets to market.

Unlike the food industry, which has recalls and tainted products that are out in the market for weeks (if not months), unidentifiable because they cannot be traced, issues with counterfeit, contaminated or poisonous alcoholic products reaching consumers do not affect the alcohol industry for an indefinite amount of time.

Food recalls for meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy products due to salmonella or listeria sickens or sometimes kills innocent consumers because it is impossible to track where the product is around the country. On the other hand, tainted beer is identified and removed from the marketplace swiftly. 

There have been a few beer recalls over the years, but in every instance the tainted or potentially tainted product was removed from the marketplace within 2 – 3 days nationally! Whether an issue with the packaging or the actual consumable product, the three-tier system’s transparency allows for each and every bottle or can to be traced. This ensures no consumer is sickened or negatively affected.

Accountability in the beer distribution system and the detailed records distributors keep ensures the American public is not unnecessarily exposed to dangers.